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    In the original star field, a cute little girl bounced around the streets, she had two beautiful pigtails, flipped her hair as she walked, her age was more than 200,000 years... That's right, she was Feng Tian and Ye Lin's Daughter... daughter... daughter... niece... niece... great-niece... ...super-niece weighs twice as much... In other words , after Ye Lin and Feng Tian gave birth in the temple system, their child grew up in the temple system for more than 200,000 years, then found someone in the temple group to marry, then gave birth, then grew up, then had children, and so on, so less than 720,000 years ago when Wang Han left, the entire Roja clan had recovered to about 2000 people... Well, these are still some parents who are not many children, and some have many children, after mating with people in the ancestral hall, there will be more, but no matter what, Vuong Han has become the ancestor of the Roja clan without knowing it... Phew! A true ancestor! He basically doesn't know the children behind him, let alone the children behind him. In other words, he also doesn't know what his son and daughter-in-law will look like when they grow up, this alone. researching these things in distant stars, not knowing that the rear had gradually become prosperous.

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    What he had to do was to see if there was any source of these breaths... But he didn't know, what he was doing now was exactly what the Roja people did then, one or two of them. Some of them had this kind of power, they began to explore the origin of the aura, the idea was very simple, as long as they found the origin of the power of the Star Sea, then they could gain endless aura. news! ? That's right, they did the same, but one day without knowing what happened, they opened a scary wooden door, then saw a pair of indifferent eyes in the dark wooden door. craved everything about me, and suddenly realized. that no more It was too late, and they had to endure the cruelest blows from each other.

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    "Okay." Vuong Han didn't pay attention, "Her name is Cetaphil."

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    What kind of fighting power is Mengmeng? Although it is not as strong as him, it is still the most powerful pet in Wanguchi. This kind of soul pet prank is simply a joke to Manh Manh, but to others it is not strong enough. say, this is some kind of prank. A kind of mental coercion...

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    "YES." Vuong Han smiled, "It's just one of the stone statues. There are dozens, hundreds of stone statues in the cemetery."

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    Yes, we call this galaxy Violet. Shen Yueke intended to continue, but such a simple sentence stunned Wang Han next to him. Bian said honestly: "Before, I lived in a place called Violet City, and I didn't. Faced with Wang Han's answer, Shen Yueke replied with a sweet smile, "Yes, so we I used to be a group living in this Tu Tinh Hai area. There are many groups like Us, and they are all strong groups. We also maintain a relatively good relationship between ourselves. We can The problem of communication talent together will conduct research on many things, including time gaps and the origin of breathing. This is something all of our biomes want to understand. Who can control these first? Then, in future life and development, it will have a very loud say."

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    "Okay, then don't worry. For you, it's probably just a trip, it won't last long." Vuong Han smiled and said.

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    Yes. Feng Shuyi nodded involuntarily, "I mean it. According to my sense of time, we returned to Xinghai about an hour ago. I went all the way to this planet. The purpose was to find Let's see what you used to be. Although I haven't found anyone else now, I have found you Qianqian. I beg you to pay a little attention to them and don't ask them to control those assets. That ability. This is something they need to learn slowly. But I want them to deeply understand the extent of their current situation! After all, Feng Tian and Ye Lin continue to look down on this world, and obediently try to believe that they can still do whatever they want!”

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    When Vuong Han learned about Trinh Tan and Chu Tu Thien from Ly The Tong, he felt that this was a very normal thing. He vaguely remembered that one of his classmates was married to the person next to him, so I just didn't think carefully about this. matter in my heart. But here, after he and Manh Manh left the city, while traveling through space, he suddenly discovered that something seemed wrong. After thinking about it carefully, I found the problem. When will Zhou Yutian get a wife this week? What's more, Trinh Cam's ex-husband is not him, but Cao Shuxing, right? So where did Cao Shuxing go? Why is Cheng Jin involved with Zhou Yutian? Or maybe these two still have a doll? Dependent! Even Vuong Han is a very calm person, but when he thought of such a thing happening next to him, he was stunned for a long time before realizing it, not daring to think about it again. situation there, at least I haven't seen Gan Qian and the others for many years.

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    It took us 350,000 years to reach this area. Before that, I lived in a very far away place, so I was familiar with the things that happened here, so if you were Mr., if you could judge the situation from before and after, then you must be my senior. me, so in this case, I wonder if you can tell me more about what happened, especially why you, as Roja, died alone in this place? Vuong Han is directing so many things, of course, before asking these questions, he also briefly explained his situation, about why this girl's soul did not go to the soul rift. of Roja, this reason is the same as Vuong Han guessed, just because Tham Nguyet Kha has not completely controlled his talent. time and space, or she could be completely familiar with the time and space genius after giving her a short thousand years, and the time and space genius could be completely independent and Her soul fused together, and when she died, her soul would be attracted by her talent, so she should have been directly absorbed by Wang Han 350,000 years ago.

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    Forget it, let's go back, this is a martial arts competition, nothing worth watching. Vuong Han simply looked from above, looked around, he could at least understand some of Van Co Dam's fighting style, but now seeing those wild beasts fighting, he also not interested, look at these beasts with your current eyes. The best way to describe the game is to peck each other. I saw the beasts fighting in front of the arena, and the people fighting in the Myriad Lake next to them were creaking, the audience had different expressions on their faces, but none of them spoke. .

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    Hello, I'm Charles. Charles of the golden group took the initiative to speak. He of course knew some of Vuong Han's names and specific information. He looked at him, smiled and asked: "I don't know, do you?" What is the matter with Mr. Vuong Han coming to our golden system this time? Or if you have any opinions, you can tell me directly, I am very willing to help you."

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    Especially now that he wasn't sure whether the person behind the nine chains was someone he could defeat.

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    As for the elves I've known so far, the guy named Cheng Noan must have basically thought it was his merit that all the people in the elves gathered together, and it was possible to safely crazy without these people knowing. But once the matter is revealed, once the goblin's people suddenly realize that one day they are not as good as Trinh Noan, they are just a pawn, then the goblin's glory, no matter how strong, will turn into a flash. If there is nothing in the eyes, great hatred will follow. This is the cruel price of being deceived by the soul. The power of this soul gathering is unimaginable. The level of existence, this is also unbearable.

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    From the current situation, Vuong Han's top priority is to understand the Time and Space talent, at least know what this chained talent badge is for. And he didn't know what the things he bought from the Lutford Starport were either. They were some kind of dark ruin, something like a dilapidated escape pod, and the total number of them was quite large. In a large, empty living room, he was sitting there alone. An object like this appeared in front of him. He directly swallowed it with black fire. This is the method Vuong Han most often uses today. Indeed, under the burning black flame, these things turned out to be unshakable, they did not even change color at all.

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    The same is true for groups. Each individual in a group agrees with the existence value of his or her group, but if someone forcibly changes the original recognition of purity of soul into domination and complacency, even assigning it to themselves me. If managed well, the consequences will be very serious, after all, once someone in charge says that in addition to this thing, love other things, cutting the original big love into small loves, the original love seems to be different. is The a very strong group was broken directly from within. Those who arrogantly think that everyone can follow them will fall into the dust of history. It's just that most people don't realize this, and Or under their propaganda, I feel that I have no way to talk to people outside this group, I don't know that sometimes a love Small will be more heartwarming, but a big love is easier to be taken advantage of by others. From another perspective, a big love is based on Ben, a small love is fleeting.

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    “Just like I am just a person sitting in a small boat floating on the sea, I have no way to understand some changes in the entire structure, nor can I deduce the rules, just from the perspective macro relativity You can observe each problem more closely." Wang Han also smiled and said comfortably: "Or sometimes you really want to understand something, and you should zoom out first, and don't limit yourself to a single instance of a Thing. In fact, this is a more reasonable choice, the so-called first understanding the outline, then naturally reasoning through the outline, the so-called big and small?

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    Not only that, he was interested in the so-called core World Tree, he was very interested!

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    Having said that, Feng Shuyi and the others were surprised to be swept into the horizon. At first glance, this world was not much better. The sky of this world was also punctured with a large hole. They even looked up. by this At that time, there was a feeling of standing on a cliff and looking down into the abyss towards the bottom of the cliff. This is very scary, the horizon seems to have a great attraction, the dust in many dimensions is sucked up, like inside a deflated balloon, everything is moving from the dimension to the lower world Fei , the seemingly normal ground finally revealed the rows of houses inside. The original sentimental buildings were buried under these ashes! Nuo Qianjin, who had just woken up from a coma, finally understood, "So this world used to be very developed. Look, there is a small lake full of corpses there, and you can vaguely saw it somewhere else. “This is a commercial street…”

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    After finishing speaking, what does it mean that Anke is even more interested in Vuong Han's opportunity for revenge? After all, looking at her right now, the twenty-eight of them can't do anything at all. There is no breath in this world. Pure physical strength is not that strong, at least not as strong. . as the black man in front of them, compared to other men, they are weak and pitiful, maybe it is just the opponent's idea, and they will be torn apart. Then, on this basis, how do they take revenge? Is it up to the bite? hehe.

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