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    Ye Xiaozhou and He Guangzong also followed the captain of the gendarmerie to the dock. Seeing Li Yixin and Masao Yamashita sitting absent-mindedly in the cart, they quickly greeted: "Boss Li, Mr. Sun, let's go." to the dock "Okay, let's go ashore and prepare to unload."

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    After leaving Yukio Fujita's office, Li Yixin immediately called Ye Xiaozhou and went to Jianzhong Trading Company together.

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    So he said to Li Yixin: "It is very dangerous for you to come to Chongqing this time, and I cannot let you make any mistakes. You must be careful in all aspects, and don't be careless just because You have to Chongqing. Have your superiors made arrangements for you? "Is your original contact, Lao Zhang, secretly assisting you? Let Lao Zhang find a way to track Masao Yamashita, as long as Masao Yamashita wants to contact the hidden Japanese spy, then Lao Zhang can follow the clues to catch the hidden spy, of course, this is also is the case, you need to find a way to cooperate, such as deliberately creating some opportunities after arriving in Chongqing, forcing Masao Yamashita to contact Yukio Fujita and the Japanese secret service, just in this way, Old Zhang was able to let Masao Yamashita take us to dig out hidden Japanese spies.

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    Li Yixin is actually a bit bored in the office, since he was announced as the director of the Materials Control Investigation Commission yesterday and spread the news that he was going to promote someone As deputy director of the anti-smuggling investigation department, last night there were many people outside his house. Moreover, as soon as he arrived at the office today, he hadn't even sat down to drink a sip of tea. The department heads who asked him to report for work crowded into the office, making it impossible for him to be quiet. at all.