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    Xue Jianqiang said: "If I said that I went abroad to do big business, would you believe it?"

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    The car slowly drove forward, on civilian roads almost disappeared, but the number of police cars doubled, military police and policemen wearing black uniforms rode around the city, chasing police cars. Catch spies and foreigners. What is a stateless person? Those who spoke peacefully, expressed fatigue and pessimism about war were non-citizens, and they were all dead! There were very few pedestrians on the streets, everyone was very busy, working overtime in the factory to produce military equipment, even school students were mobilized to make hot air balloons. This type of balloon can hang a small bomb weighing 10kg and fly along the air current, it can reach the United States on the other side of the Pacific Delta within about 48 hours... That's right, military The American team used a B-29 to hit Japan's head very high. When the incendiary bomb exploded, Japan used a bomb-hanging balloon to fight back. This type of counterattack is so weak that people will be discouraged when looking at it, but Japan takes it very seriously, even listing this project as top secret. Everyone was so busy, naturally no one had time to go shopping, so the whole of Tokyo was very deserted. Okamura Neiji watched silently, not speaking but his eyebrows became more and more wrinkled.

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    Gangcun Ningci looks heavy: "One week ago, twelve C-87 transport planes took off from Yan'an airport and transported 120 tons of aviation gasoline to Zhijiang Air Base; three days ago, twenty The C-87 transport plane arrived again at Yan'an and took away 200 tons of aviation fuel. Just yesterday, a new batch of C-87 transport planes flew over the bumpy route and arrived at Songguisi Airport. Chengdu. To carry out the transport mission..."

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    He dared to take the initiative to attack, so he naturally had confidence. This confidence came from the power of the Red Star anti-ship missile and Yu-1A anti-ship torpedo. That's right, both Red Star and Tiger Shark have two torpedo tubes, one for launching 324mm anti-submarine torpedoes, used to deal with submarines and light ships, and the other for launching Yu-type anti-ship torpedoes. -1A. torpedo. The Yu-1A anti-ship torpedo had great success in the Yantai naval battle. Thousands of 2,000-ton destroyers, after being hit by one or two shots, were blown into two pieces, so powerful that the Japanese military had to terrified. These powerful anti-ship torpedoes had no effect in the siege of Yi-403. Now the Japanese warships were rushing to die. Li Donghai was not polite. He made up his mind to send some to the army. Japan, so that they could revive the fish- Fear of the 1A anti-ship torpedo rushing towards us screaming!

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    Ly Dong Hai was so excited that his chest was heaving, he kept rubbing his hands and giggling, like a bankrupt Grandet suddenly finding a robbers' treasure. Xue Jianqiang didn't say much, led them onto one of the Luda-class ships, walked around in different compartments, and introduced them to some equipment: "This is an air search radar, specialized for air defense." ; This is a low-altitude search radar, which can capture low-flying targets and detect ships at sea at the same time. This is a navigation radar, which must be turned on when sailing, otherwise it is likely to collide with a ship. or reef; This is a long-range air-to-air early warning radar, which can be found at long distances. The strike fleet provides early warning time for surface-to-air missiles; This is a fire control radar for naval guns, which cannot be separated from the target when using naval guns, this is a fire control radar for ship-to-air missiles, with the support of Qianwei-11, it can quickly lock on the target and launch..."

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    Admiral Fittinghof turned his head and looked, oh, the commander of the 98th Infantry Division was walking around a few tanks, trying to figure out which factory produced these tanks. He asked curiously: "Why is there no manufacturer information on the bottle?".

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    The next day, Okamura Ningji and Koiso Kuniaki went to the base together to participate in an important meeting that would decide Japan's survival.

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    Loi Phong looked very tired, moved his body, and said: "Things are more troublesome than I imagined, so it's a little late. Is there still a delay?"

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    The senior continued to introduce: "It has an actual flight altitude of 18,000 meters, is equipped with a small air-cooled phased array radar, has eight weapon hardpoints and can launch Thunderbolt-5E and Thunderbolt-7 air-to-air -air combat missile. Upgrade the ability to launch medium-range air-to-air missiles...Which country's missiles are you planning to use? American Sidewinder and Sparrow, French Mika and Magic, they I can help you get compatible. The ejection seat is made in China, the systems are made in China, there's no way someone else will strangle you."

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    This was a bit cowardly, when the Type 80 was attacked by their tanks, it never ran out of ammunition and fuel. The advantage of exhausting all ammunition and fuel is that no matter how you fight, there will be no explosion. The US military did this during the Gulf War, an M1A1 got stuck in a swamp and couldn't be pulled out. Okay. shot it. Destroyed... Several depleted uranium armor-piercing bombs were fired in quick succession. The unlucky M1A1 did not explode or catch fire. The friends were all stunned. Let me go, Yingjiang, this tank is going against the sky! Can't beat it at all, okay? No matter how you fight, you can't fly the turret, okay? Buy, buy, buy, buy everything! But after purchasing and using it on the battlefield, catching fire and dying after being shot is trivial, and seeing a flying turret is not unusual, let me go, this is different from propaganda! Nonsense, of course it's different, people dumped all the fuel and ammunition before opening fire to destroy the tanks stuck in the swamp. You go into battle with a belly full of fuel and ammunition, it's strange to be penetrated and die without fire! Obviously, the Type 80's superior defense capabilities frightened the Soviet army, and they lost faith in the T-34's defense capabilities.

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    The first to be recruited was the 3rd Corps, the most urgent corps. After advancing less than ten kilometers along the valley, the tanks began to frequently hit mines. In the past ten days, the German army used 130mm rockets to lay a large number of anti-personnel mines and anti-tank mines, and even converted 100 kg aerial bombs into mines to bury them. Failing to clarify the location of the minefield immediately caused great losses. The first to be commissioned was the "Dumbo" improved from the Sherman medium tank. Faced with the Germans' incredibly powerful 88mm anti-aircraft guns, all the US military could do was desperately add extra armor to the Sherman tank. Until then, German anti-tank guns were difficult to penetrate. There is no doubt that Dumbo did it. On the Belgian battlefield, the Tiger tank's 88mm gun found it difficult to penetrate its frontal armor, and Dumbo became the most difficult opponent of German armored personnel. But now, the ubiquitous anti-tank mines have become Dumbo's nightmare, only to hear a terrifying explosion, Dumbo's tracks were blown away, his body caught fire, and the giant steel monster paralyzed like this. Two of them were unlucky enough to come to my grandmother's house, and they ran over a 100 kg aerial bomb, there were two loud explosions, not to mention the railway tracks, even the two wheels on the road were blown away. The infantryman risked being shot by a sniper, climbed into the tank and opened the tunnel door, intending to rescue the tank soldiers trapped inside, when he discovered that the heads of the tank soldiers inside were all tilted to one side, blood flowing from the seven sides. hole, and they were all shocked to death.

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    Immediately afterwards, a T-34/76 rushed into the field, the Type 80 also removed its two long barrels and was ready to launch. The two tanks were 500 meters apart, facing each other at a great distance. Beloborodov stared at the Type 80 with its barrel removed. The more he looked, the angrier he became. He asked Lam: "Are you sure you want Shall we to fire first?" Are not?"

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    Monk Li Donghai Zhanger couldn't understand: "Gold fleet? Are you talking about a transport ship like the Awa Maru carrying tens of tons of gold?"

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    Stalin tapped his fingers on the table and smiled: "World-leading but unknown origin oil drilling and processing equipment... Our Chinese comrades have more and more secrets!"

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    Cuaron pointed at... ah, no, it must be those Leopard tanks, there were six of them: "Are these tanks yours too?"

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    This move quickly won the hearts of people in Suiyuan and Ningxia provinces towards the border region government. Ordinary people today are very honest, no matter who they are, as long as they can make their lives better, they will risk their lives. But unfortunately the vast majority of people do not see them, they are oppressed, exploited and they are exploited, has anyone ever thought of giving them some rights so they can live better? Now the border region authorities have set a precedent. But this small amount of money could not be spent, they were too poor and lacked everything. Suddenly I had money and saw how many interesting things were missing, then I realized I didn't have much money left in my pocket. Common people, who are honest and sincere, believe that doing such a good deed once is already a blessing from their ancestors, and asking for money again would be embarrassing. They proactively went to meet officials, in Dien An, Truong Thanh or Ngoc Lam to ask for a way to find a job."

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    It seems that surrendering to either side will not yield good results, surrendering to one side will definitely offend the other side.

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    Marshal Kesselring said: "If the performance of this anti-aircraft gun is really as outstanding as you say, then I will be happy to order it and introduce it to the head of state..."

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    Ly Man said: "Then I will answer them like this!"

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    The army command was shocked and hastily ordered armored troops to withdraw from the quagmire of street fighting to support the besieged troops.